Rome guided tour: Barberini Palace and the National Art Gallery of Rome - from €15 x person

Palazzo Barberini and the National Art Gallery of Rome
The palace, a baroque gem, hosts a magnificent collection of art masterpieces from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century. Highlights of the collection include works by Titian, Guercino, Lotto, Reni, El Greco, Holbein and Caravaggio. But the queen of the gallery is Raphael’s Fornarina, whom with her sweet and loving gaze, will take us through the halls of this beautiful building, which has recently been renovated and reopened to the public.
When: Sunday 03 January, 16:00 pm
Group size: 25
Rates: adults €15; €8 (13-17); €5 (6-12); free 0-5
Entrance ticket: Free admission on  the first Sunday of the month

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